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ClockOnline delivers fresh flowers and plants wherever and whenever you want

The online flower and plant auction ClockOnline ensures the efficient delivery of flowers and plants to a location of your choice. According to owner Marco Stolze, there is considerable demand for a customised delivery process: “Every customer who logs on to our site has just one goal, which is to have fresh products delivered to the intended location as quickly as possible. Nowadays, there are too many systems in which this is not possible. With ClockOnline’s auction on location, the process starts at the grower. Our service subsequently takes care of the transportation of domestic and international floriculture products, ensuring delivery to the desired location. This can be done at the auction but also at the office.”


Efficient and reliable


The customised ClockOnline delivery system ensures efficient and reliable shipment: “Less time is needed for the organisation of the logistic processes, and this is beneficial for the product. At ClockOnline the products are prepared for transport immediately after purchase, in order to enable delivery to the chosen location at any desired time.

With the one-stop-shop method of the independent online platform, in addition to the standard payment options, it is also possible for ClockOnline to take care of payment. “The end user can benefit from cost savings generated by the improved efficiency within the logistic process and the reduction in labour it makes possible. This way, everyone can be assured of a logistic process that is as cheap and efficient as possible.”


And take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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