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Straight from the greenhouse to the buyer


If it were up to Marco Stolze, owner of the online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline, the traditional auction would be a thing of the past. Thanks to the arrival of this independent digital platform, a great deal of time and money can be saved by supplying fresh trade straight from the grower.

The advantages offered by auctioning on location are enormous, according to Marco. “Normally, the fresh products are first transported to the auction where they are auctioned a day later. In the weekend, the products intended for auction on Monday are already collected on Friday. As such, they’re already four days old by the time they go to auction and they’re even older by the time they’re transported out of the country. At ClockOnline, the products that are auctioned on Monday are also freshly gathered on Monday.”

In addition to the fact that auctioning on location through ClockOnline is much fresher, it also delivers logistics savings. If you normally make your purchases live in Naaldwijk at the auction, the products are packaged three times: from the grower to the auction, from the auction to the buyer, and from the buyer to the customer. Another advantage is that the grower can now also offer larger volumes for auction. “We’re actually skipping several links in the chain,” explains Marco. “This improvement in efficiency puts a positive spin on the product, the seller and the customer. It’s a real win-win situation!”

ClockOnline also makes it possible to send products from the grower to one of the auction locations in the Netherlands, or Veiling Rhein-Maas in Germany. From there, they can be transported to (end) customers. It is also true of this service that products sold on Monday are delivered on Monday, or Tuesday morning at the latest.


And take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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