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Money in your hand without giving it away


ClockOnline enables a great deal of time and money to be saved by supplying fresh trade direct from the grower. Thanks to this step towards digitisation, it is possible to skip links in the ornamental plants and flowers industry chain, and ClockOnline ensures that money stays in your hand.

Marco Stolze, owner of the online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline: “ClockOnline uses a contemporary earning model and as such, it doesn’t matter whether you are large or small. The costs are transparent at all times. We maintain two rates for growers: a low rate of 2% and an even lower rate of 1%. Growers choose which one they wish to pay. Buyers are subject to a single rate of 0.5%.” For more information about the rates, please visit the ClockOnline website.

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Take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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