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Live purchasing from ClockOnline a hit


International growers and buyers were able to get their first glimpse of ClockOnline and growers realised that it offered them a great many more options to help them offer their products.

Marco Stolze, owner of the online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline: “One grower calculated his current costs right then and there and discovered that the ClockOnline system offered him significant savings.”

Buyers were able to use the ClockOnline clocks to make live purchases on the exchange and the response was overwhelming! Especially popular was the ease with which, in addition to on a computer, purchases could be made from a tablet or telephone for a competitive rate. Read more about the rates.

Get acquainted with ClockOnline on location

Due to the large turnout, not everyone had the opportunity to make a purchase from ClockOnline. However, we are looking forward to making up for it by introducing you to the ClockOnline system at your location.


Take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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