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Growers/buyers trial successful!


The first ClockOnline trials took place last week. Both buyers and growers reacted positively to ClockOnline. Not just the Clock but also the Clock Pre-sales were well received.

The growers who presented their supply on ClockOnline only needed to wait for the order, which had been processed by their systems without any problem. The same applied to the buyers, who were able to see the purchased lots in their own systems within seconds.

The costs could be viewed straight away, because the growers and buyers received the invoice immediately after the Clock process.

A great advantage of ClockOnline is that the merchandise stays at the nursery. If products are withdrawn from the Clock, they can continue to grow at the nursery. This way fresh products are always guaranteed.

The live date will be announced very shortly. We are currently processing the feedback from the first trial, after which ClockOnline will prepare for the second trial. If you would like to experience ClockOnline, as other growers and buyers have already,

please apply to take part in the trial.

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Take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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