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ClockOnline rates are known!


The first tests with ClockOnline have exceeded expectations, while registrations have also been satisfying. It is therefore time to clarify the rates for the independent platform.
Marco Stolze, owner of the online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline: “Thanks to the arrival of this digital platform, a great deal of time and money can be saved by supplying fresh trade direct from the grower. Because a number of links are excluded due to the one-stop-shop method, we can offer products at a market-based price on the platform. The platform rates for our service provide a win-win situation for both the grower/seller and the exporter/customer.”

The rates for the international online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline for growers and exporters differ from each other.


Grower rates

ClockOnline employs two different rates for growers (i.e. the supplying party):

Option 1:
The basic amount is €50.00 per year, with a transaction fee of 2% calculated on each purchase.

Option 2:
The basic amount is €1,500 per year, with a transaction fee of 1% calculated on each purchase.


Exporter rates

ClockOnline employs one rate for exporters:

  • The basic amount is €100.00 per account per year, with 0.5% commission/transaction fee calculated per transaction.


And take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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