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ClockOnline exceeds all expectations

The recent period has seen a great deal of work go into the ClockOnline digital platform and it has paid off: Marco Stolze, owner of the online flowers and plants auction ClockOnline, is very enthusiastic about the initial results. “We have completed our first tests with this independent digital platform and we are proud to report that the results exceed expectations! The results of the various mobile devices were excellent, which means that we can enter the next phase of the platform in high spirits.” Growers and buyers are now just a few steps away from experiencing a true increase in efficiency.


In addition, registrations for this independent platform have also been satisfying. “Due to the many registrations for our international online flowers and plants auction, we have increased our server capacity. Soon, customers will reap the benefits of this move.”
If you’re also enthusiastic about these developments, register to participate at, or visit our stand at one of the upcoming trade fairs. Here, you can profit from discounts of up to 25%.


And take advantage of the many benefits of ClockOnline!

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