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ClockOnline is LIVE!!

Real-time online bidding and purchasing wherever you are in the world

ClockOnline will soon open a leading international online flower and plant auction. This independent digital platform will enable substantial efficiency improvements within the floriculture sector.

Its one-stop-shop method will give growers the opportunity to offer a wide diversity of flowers and plants in real-time at market prices.

Whether you are at home or in the office, you can purchase flowers and plants fresh from the grower by simply pressing a button.

ClockOnline can also take care of payment and delivery on your behalf to ensure that the logistic process runs as smoothly as possible.

Enter supply

Create stock for the clock and the pre-sales in an easy way. There is also a possibility to create stock by a VMP connection.

Buying on the auction clock

Buy directly from the greenhouse of the grower with a computer, tablet or telephone. Buy today is tomorrow delivery of fresh flowers and plants

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